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Typically flat/low slope commercial roofs will have areas of ponding or standing water. Ponding is defined as water that remains for 48 hours or longer. Ponding water accelerates the deterioration of many materials, including seam adhesive in single ply roof systems and asphalt roofing material. Ponding water is an exclusion in most conventional roof manufacturers (EDPM, TPO, Bitumen sheet, etc.) and is a condition that can void their warranties. 

Ponding water is NOT an exclusion in our warranty!

Comparing products:

Component Choice

Asphalt Emulsion

Bitumen (Asphalt) and modified Bitumen are the longest-performing waterproofing products known. Asphalt’s unique properties helped build and waterproof the homes of pharaohs, and continue to protect the homes and workplaces of people today.

Fabric Reinforcement

ProShield uses high performance stitch bonded Polyester fabric designed for reinforcement in roofing and flashing applications. It increases the long-term strength of the system, allowing the stresses of normal building movement to be spread over a wider area and offers a combination of high-strength properties and good elongation for excellent thermal stress resistance. The fabric provides high absorption capability, allowing the Asphalt to easily wet into it. It then becomes encapsulated by the ProShield emulsion. Once cured this base layer forms a tough, seamless waterproof layer with no weak points like a sheet good would have.

Urethane Topcoat

The roof coating industry offers a variety of alternatives that range from Acrylic coatings, Silicone to Urethanes. When considering our topcoat the main consideration is that ProShield is primarily a Canadian company and we design for our climate and conditions – temperature fluctuations (freezing in winter and hot in summer), expansion & contraction and wet conditions with ponding water. Acrylics will self-destruct in this environment and Silicone does not provide the toughness of a urethane. The choice was easy. Polyurethane just makes sense.

The Science Behind It

ProShield is a roof restoration system that in reality is a standalone 110 – 120mil DFT roof membrane.
While products such as Acrylics or Silicones are just roof coating systems, these coating systems are usually a 15 – 30mil DFT for Acrylics and 22 – 25mil DFT for Silicone.


ProShield can be adjusted up or down – added to or deleted from to meet most waterproofing and chemical resistance requirements. Example – Base emulsion (60mil) + fabric + base emulsion (60mil) + Urethane (15mil) + fabric + Urethane (15mil) = 150mil membrane. Or alternatively if your roof is in excellent condition and you want a renewable coating to extend the service life a Urethane (15mil) + fabric + Urethane (15mil) could be sufficient. 

Years of experience and product testing has led to an economical Zero VOC water based system that out performs competitor’s roof systems. Our asphalt emulsion is formulated by the innovator and pioneer of asphalt emulsion in roofing membranes with over 50 years of service in roofs.

New environmental regulations have meant that older solvent PUR products must be replaced by new water based urethanes with ultra-low VOCs. Our single component urethane formulation exhibits >1000% elongation, excellent recovery and superior chemical resistance.

Most roofing consultants and envelope engineers agree 60mil is the minimum thickness for a membrane and would not specify an EDPM liner less than 60mil. With early failures of EDPM the new trend for sheet goods is TPO. TPO has some well documented failures (deterioration due to UV) and by its manufacturing process with scrim and filler material constituting 60% of thickness that is not waterproofing material; a 60mil TPO only gives you a 20mil waterproofing layer. 20 mil is not what we consider a proper membrane.


ProShield Asphalt Emulsion
ProShield Emulsion is a water based single component cold spray applied coating that combines the elastic properties of polymers with the weatherproofing and waterproofing capabilities of highly refined asphalt. This ZERO VOC high-build coating forms a seamless waterproof membrane that fully adheres to most construction substrates. This is very important in restoring the waterproofing capabilities of the existing roof. It also displays excellent chemical and corrosion resistant properties.

ProShield Emulsion is designed to provide a durable elastomeric protective coating and can be used wherever an impenetrable moisture barrier is required. ProShield HE can be used by itself as a complete protective coating membrane or be used in combination with ProShield Coating Technology Inc. topcoats and fabrics to form a fully redundant and lifetime renewable roof system. Unlike other fluid applied materials we do not compromise, we incorporate reinforcement fabric in all of our specifications. Think of it like steel reinforcing rod in concrete, you’re stronger for using it.

ProShield Coating Technologies utilises two formulations to meet specific project requirements. Both ProShield emulsions are blended to meet the CAN-CGSB- 37.58 standard and are the primary (base) waterproofing component of our UL Class A and Factory Mutual 4470 Class 1 roofing systems. Most of our systems also can be LEED USGBC (Green Building Council) Certified.

ProShield High Performance Fabric
Our fabric is a 90GSM (2.7 ounce) stitch-bonded heat-set polyester high-performance reinforcement fabric designed for water-based emulsion coatings, cold-applied built-up roofing and elastomeric roof coatings used in *MESH REINFORCED ELASTOMERIC ROOF COATINGS (MREC) SYSTEMS.

These fabrics are designed to be used with liquid roof coatings to create a solid reinforcement layer, the fabric has high absorption capability, allowing liquid coating materials to quickly wet into and become encapsulated, forming tough waterproof details and reinforcements.

MREC systems are accepted by the US Department of Defense; one of the toughest standards to meet. Referenced in the Unified Facilities Criteria – Roofing Update January 1, 2017 here is the excerpt:

6-3.1 Mesh reinforced elastomeric roof coatings can be used in two general ways:

  • Mesh Reinforced Elastomeric Roof Coating (MREC): The application of a liquid applied elastomeric coating to an existing roof in order to sustain the roof at low cost.
  • Mesh Reinforced Elastomeric Roof: The application of a liquid applied elastomeric coating to an existing substrate such as concrete or mechanically fastened over-layment.

For either application, the minimum dry film thickness is 40 mils (1 mm) applied in stages over 100% polyester fabric reinforcing.

6-3.2 MREC has a wide range of use in reroofing, repair, and sustainment. As indicated in Table 6-1, MREC may be used over most roof systems such as built up, metal, and modified bitumen. These coatings provide not only waterproofing, but can achieve cool roof ratings as well. At a fraction of the cost of replacing, MREC offers a high return on investment with low risk.
6-3.3 Elastomeric coatings may provide an inexpensive alternative to metal roof removal and replacement.

*Note. ProShield exceeds the US Department of Defence minimum DFT by over 150%.

ProShield Urethane Topcoat
There are several options available when considering a topcoat; Acrylics, Silicones and Polyurethanes. Why did ProShield choose Urethane even though it is the more expensive option?  Simple answer – it is the best option for our climate and environment and we will not compromise – just a case of you get what you pay for. ProShield Urethane HE provides an authentic “cure” that provides a strong, resilient, chemical resistant waterproof surface.

ProShield Urethane HE is a high solid, single component moisture cure elastomer, designed for use as a cure in place, breathable, coating for our roof coating and foundation waterproofing system. ProShield Urethane HE provides extreme chemical resistance that far exceeds any other roofing material, resists weathering and oxidation and will withstand high temperatures and UV radiation.

How tough is our Urethane HE? We use this polyurethane in our traffic deck membrane system that is designed to take the punishment and chemical assault of vehicular traffic.

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